Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems in Cardiff

Every commercial kitchen needs to be maintained to a high standard to ensure a productive and hygienic service. By having an unclean extraction system you are essentially neglecting your kitchen’s hygiene standards and encouraging the occurrence of fire hazards within your kitchen. The cleaning service that we provide for kitchen extraction systems Cardiff here at KICS prevents any serious fire hazards from occurring. The need to have your commercial kitchen extraction systems cleaned and maintained is often overlooked, with sometimes serious consequences.

Why does your extraction system need cleaning?

The key reason for cleaning and maintaining your kitchen’s extraction system is to prevent any fire risks.  Due to the high volume of cooking in a commercial kitchen, grease and fat residues build up excessively fast and can be ignited by a small spark or high heats emitted from the stove or oven.  This is the most common cause of a fire in a commercial kitchen, and often one that can be avoided.

When should your extraction fan be cleaned?

Legally, a commercial extraction system should be cleaned at least every 12 months. If you do not have your extraction system cleaned every 12 months and are subject to a kitchen fire, then you may shudder to learn that your insurance may be invalid. The service we provide at KICS offers a certificate after each service carried out on your extraction system to offer certification to your insurance company.

With an average 70% of fires originating in faulty ventilation systems due to fat and grease deposits, ensuring your system is clean has never been more important. The service provided by us here at KICS ensures the continued safety of your employees and the high standard of service that you are wishing to offer. Our trained installers and cleaners ensure that your kitchen extraction systems Cardiff are continually clean.

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