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For all commercial kitchens, the responsibility of keeping their premises clean should be a top priority. One effective way to keep your premises clean is by contracting the services of a professional cleaning company. As a specialist cleaning company ourselves, the team at KiCS are able to offer you some invaluable advice on kitchen maintenance Cardiff.

Obtaining the services of a professional cleaning company is not solely for hygiene reasons. As experts, we have a keen understanding of the regulations that commercial and industrial kitchens should be adhering to. Consequently, if the kitchen is not cleaned by a professional, then the likelihood of a fire occurring due to the mass build-up of grease and fatty residue is much higher.

If this occurs and you have neglected to clean your premises then your insurance becomes invalid, meaning that your business will not receive a pay-out to cover the cost of damage sustained.
Therefore, it should be of paramount importance to keep your kitchen clean. As a professional company, you can contact us for a service that is both reliable and high in quality.

Here at KiCS our engineers will come and clean your extraction system and your filters. Once we have finished providing you with services performed by our skilled and highly trained engineers, we will provide you with a written proof/cleaning certificate. You can send this to your insurance company, and as our services are recognised by every insurance company it will protect you in the unfortunate event that a fire does occur.

The services we specialise in include:

  • Extraction filters
  • Extraction system cleaning
  • Extraction system maintenance
  • Kitchen ventilation and extractor cleaning

Keeping your kitchens safe and clean demands the specialist skill of a professional cleaning company, not one that specialises in other areas such as office cleaning London. Therefore if you would like more information on the various services we offer, then do not hesitate to contact us. We have the appropriate experience and industry insight to be able to guide and assist you whenever possible. If you would like to contract our services for kitchen maintenance Cardiff, contact us today on 01792 466 900.

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