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Cleaned Extractor Fan

We specialise in complete kitchen cleaning services and extraction system maintenance, extractor fan, duct work, kitchen canopy cleaning and filter systems. We have considerable knowledge and experience in maintaining extraction systems, holding several major national bar, restaurant and hotel chains throughout the UK.

Kitchen extraction systems which are not cleaned regularly can pose a serious fire hazard and not cleaning and maintaining your system could mean that your insurance policy does not cover you in case of a kitchen fire – filters alone CANNOT eliminate all the vaporised grease that commercial cooking causes. These greasy residues then condense and build up on the canopy plenum, duct and fan surfaces.

Contractor to Brains Brewery's

Kenealy Industrial Cleaning Specialists provide SA Brain & Co Ltd with all Extraction system cleaning services to all of their Pubs. Brains now has over 250 pubs throughout the UK.

Access Panel Installation & Induct Maintenance

The ignition of grease and fat deposits within the extraction ducting is a very common cause of commercial kitchen fire. In order to prevent ducting fires, extraction system cleaning should be carried out regularly, and be easily accessible for servicing. It is advised that the entire length of your extraction ducting is cleaned along its entire length at MAXIMUM intervals of 12 months. Hoods, Extraction filters, traps and any other grease removal devices should be cleaned at least once every 7 days (Risk Improvement Programme; QBE European Operations).

Kitchen Cleaning & Maintenance

You don’t need a spark to trigger a fire the heat from cooking can cause the greasy residue to combust.

"Help Reduce The Risk Of Fire."

Once started, a fire can travel through your building via the ducting at an alarming rate and can initially be unnoticeable. Once a fire starts in extraction ducting, stopping it is extremely difficult.

Quick Kitchen Cleaning

We work 7 days a week to fit around your working hours so we can keep your kitchen CLEAN and SAFE without disrupting the flow of your business.

What We Offer

  • Kitchen Fan Maintenance.
  • Dramatically reduce risk of fire.
  • Compliance with Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums.
  • Improved Ventilation for smoke and odour removal.
  • Improved hygiene standards.
  • Certificate supplied after each service.
  • Fit duct access panels if needed.
  • Before and after photos.
  • Filter hire and cleaning service.

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