Prices for Kitchen Cleaning Services in Swansea

It is a legal requirement for commercial kitchens throughout the United Kingdom to provide insurance companies with a certificate illustrating that they have had their ducting and ventilation systems cleaned. At KICS we can provide your company with a valid certificate which is recognised and accepted by all UK insurance companies. Our kitchen cleaning services Swansea are comprehensive and ensure that 100% of your kitchen meets the cleanliness and safety standards set by insurers. We offer a fantastic service for an affordable price.

With 70% of fires originating due to faulty ventilation systems or fat and grease deposits, it is not surprising that insurance companies are demanding a high level of cleanliness. At KICS we understand how important our service is to our customers and as such we affect an outstanding level of cleanliness, at a budget to suit you.

Our cleaning services are comprehensive, and comprise a thorough cleaning of your ventilation, extraction systems, extractor fan, ducts, canopies and filter systems. We appreciate that in a busy kitchen it is hard to maintain a high level of cleanliness. As such we also operate a cleaning maintenance schedule. You can acquire a weekly or fortnightly maintenance clean. This ensures that your kitchen is subjected to a thorough cleaning rotation, dependent on how often and how extensively your kitchen is used.

As we're registered with the British Institution of Cleaning Science (BICS) we strive to maintain a high level of service for each of our customers. As members of BICS we continually develop our techniques to ensure we raise the standard of cleanliness.

Make your kitchen an enjoyable and safe environment for your employees to work in, and contract regular cleaning maintenance. The services which we provide at KICS are implemented by trained engineers.

We offer kitchen cleaning services Swansea which ensure that the level of cleanliness in your kitchen is set to a high standard, and all but guarantees you'll be accepted for policies from your insurers. If you would like more information regarding our prices then please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us on 01792 466 900 or via the 'contact' page on our website.

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