Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Swansea

The cleanliness of a commercial kitchen is central to the hygiene, standard and reputation of a business. A thoroughly clean kitchen will reduce the chance of any hazards or dangerous situations from developing, and increase overall safety for those within the kitchen and receiving the food. Providing professional, expert services within the industrial cleaning sector, we at Kenealy Industrial Cleaning Specialists (KiCS), carry out scrupulous kitchen cleaning Swansea services on all commercial properties, to leave you with the confidence to cook to the highest standard and quality.

To provide you with the most effective kitchen maintenance, we have perfected a series of cleaning processes which offer safety, reliability and impeccable hygiene. Our extraction filter service will ensure that your kitchen remains in a fully productive and optimal working order, to help you achieve the most successful results within your commercial environment.

Convenient access to the extraction ducting is an advantageous feature, which will allow essential thorough and regular maintenance of the system. Through a simple fitting procedure, we can implement hatches which will greatly reduce the risk of fire. Given that 70% of fires can begin within defective ventilation systems, frequent removal of fat and grease build up is an aspect not to be overlooked, and one which should remain easy to amend.

Kitchen filter system installation from our team of experts pose multiple benefits, which include;

  • Removal of smoke and odour
  • Full compliance with health & safety regulations
  • Easy, non-obtrusive panels to access the duct system
  • Frequent filter maintenance, cleaning & replacement

As dedicated cleaning specialists, all of the services which we carry out have ensured the continually high level of satisfaction across numerous leading national bars, restaurants and hotels. We are also registered by the British Institute of Cleaning Science to guarantee you the peace of mind needed when selecting industrial kitchen cleaning Swansea services.

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