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Failing to keep your kitchen clean could pose more than just a health risk. The gradual build up of grease and fat in your extraction ducting could lead to a fire if not cleaned regularly, putting everyone in the kitchen and building in danger. Luckily, the risks of a fire occurring can be dramatically reduced with thorough kitchen cleaning Newport, and as specialists in the industrial cleaning sector, we at KiCS are able to provide the invaluable services you need to ensure your kitchen remains safe.

Paying close attention to every aspect of your extraction system, we are able to provide a thorough cleaning service to ensure that your environment is kept in the best possible condition at all times. To make sure that your kitchen works to its maximum efficiency, it's vital to have your extraction filter cleaned. We can replace and collect used filters for you on a regular basis, so that your environment can remain in its optimum condition, and your insurance policy remains valid in the event of a fire.

In addition to your filter, your main ventilation system should be thoroughly cleaned. We are able to carry this out to the highest possible standard, and are recognised for this level of maintenance by the insurance industry, as we've been able to reach the meticulously thorough safety standards needed to correctly reduce the risk of fire within the kitchen.

To ensure that you remain covered after a fire, you will need to have your filters cleaned and replaced either weekly or fortnightly, as without bringing in a specialist team such as ourselves to clean your ducts, your insurance will not be valid. As the only company in the UK who offer a professional filter hire service, we collect your filters and treat them by dipping them in chemicals to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned. After carrying out any cleaning work, we will provide you with a cleaning certificate as proof of the work. The certificates which we provide are valid with every insurance company in the UK, meaning that you won't have to worry about your insurance policy being compromised on any level.

If you have a large office building, it may also be advantageous to call in a professional team to carry out office cleaning London, to guarantee the safety of the rest of your building. To ensure that you remain insured, and that your kitchen remains to be a safe area for all within the premises, don't hesitate to contact us today by completing our online contact form or by calling 01792 466 900 to start benefiting from our excellent kitchen cleaning Newport services.

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