Where to Find a Kitchen Cleaning Company in Cardiff?

When you go out to eat, you want to believe the kitchen your food is being prepared in is clean and hygienic – after all you wouldn't prepare food in your kitchen at home if you had grease and dirt over all the kitchen or mouldy food growing in the fridge. The standards you have for your kitchen at home should be carried in to the kitchen you work in – in fact it should sparkle more, shine more and be fully capable of providing delicious and wholesome food. If this isn't the case, then you could do with methodical kitchen cleaning Cardiff.

Here at Kenealy Industrial Cleaning Specialists (KICS) we provide a full and thorough industrial component cleaning service, which includes the cleaning of air ducts and canopies so that they're clean and safe for when you next open for service.

It isn't only important to make sure that you regularly undertake kitchen cleaning Cardiff from a hygiene point of view, but it's also important that your air ducts are regularly cleaned and any splattered grease is removed, as this can become a fire hazard – which could render your insurance ineffective should a fire happen.

Fortunately, all our staff at KICS are fully trained and British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) registered, so when we take to your ducting and ventilation system, we subject every component to a professional standard cleaning procedure which is over and above an amateur job. With experience of danger areas, we can ensure your establishment is safe and hygienic.

Our kitchen cleaning Cardiff service is available seven days a week, from our professional and friendly staff. Regularly cleaning your kitchen from top to bottom – including the areas which are out of sight, will help remove any unwanted smoke and odours that come with regular cooking, whilst keeping your kitchen hygienic.

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