Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning in Cardiff

Some of us have a certain fascination with grime. Television shows featuring dirty homes still rope in regular viewers, who tune in every week to see how bad things can get. But it's one thing seeing grimy kitchens on television, and quite another thing experiencing a dirty cooking environment, or eating out at a restaurant featuring the same. Poorly cleaned catering facilities can cause health problems for customers and business owners can incur harsh legal penalties. Here at KiCS we specialise in kitchen cleaning Cardiff and the surrounding areas so that dirty kitchens remain firmly confined to the TV screen.

Not only is a dirty kitchen off – putting to staff and customers, it can actually cause a massive health hazard. 70% of restaurant fires are the result of a build up on fats and grease in ventilation systems, not to mention the possibility of years old fat contaminating fresh food.

Failing to have a kitchen ventilation system properly cleaned or maintained can cause the business money in other ways too. If overloaded with grease, a ventilation system with inevitably break down, meaning that the kitchen can't function as efficiently, especially during peak times.

This could result in you having send customers away due to an inability to cope. Plus, if you've ever worked in an industrial kitchen with broken ventilation you'll know how hot and uncomfortable such an environment can be to work in; you may end up sending staff home too. Here at KiCS we do only what is absolutely necessary during our cleaning processes, so you're not hit with extra charges.

While our service is comprehensive, we believe in only charging customers for the amount of work we've previously arranged with them to carry out. So to discuss exactly what kitchen cleaning Cardiff work your establishment requires why not call or fill out the online enquiry form on our 'Contact Us' page.

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