What to expect from Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Cardiff

When working in a commercial kitchen, with orders flying in and dishes flying out constantly throughout the day, it is likely that you won't be able to give your kitchen the thorough clean that it deserves. However, it is important, especially for health and safety reasons, that your kitchen is kept in an immaculate condition, so whilst your premises are closed for the night or during the day, why not hire the kitchen cleaning Cardiff services that are available from us here at KICS.

Since 2006 it has been an insurance requirement for all commercial kitchens to have their ducting and canopy systems cleaned thoroughly on an annual basis, and no insurance companies will offer insurance to catering businesses without a certificate as evidence that this requirement has been met. For this reason, here at KICS we provide a thorough duct and canopy cleaning service to remove built up grease and make kitchens safer and insurable. Without a certificate from a company like us, you could find that your insurer refuses to pay out in the event of a fire.

Our team of cleaners focus on those areas which are likely to build up with dirt, including canopies and air ducts/filters – we even offer a fortnightly filter replacement service – and we'll use the latest techniques, chemicals and scrapers when kitchen cleaning Cardiff to rid your kitchen of any grease that has built up over time in these areas.

Not only do our team focus on cleaning ducts, vents and canopies, but we also offer a more traditional kitchen cleaning service as separate from our duct and ventilation system treatments. This commercial kitchen cleaning package ensures that your whole kitchen, including lights, tiles and worktops are spotless and free from any dirt or grime.

The thorough cleaning service of all areas of a commercial kitchen that we provide guarantees that come opening time, the area will be sparklingly clean and a pleasure to work in.

Along with offering an exceptional kitchen cleaning Cardiff service, here at KICS if specially requested for insurance purposes, we can provide before and after photos so you can see for yourself the work that has been carried out. It also gives us the opportunity to ensure that we have carried out the cleaning work to meet your standards.

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