Professional Kitchen Cleaning Swansea

It is important for health and safety reasons that the cleanliness of your commercial kitchen is maintained to the highest of standards at all times. Here at KICS we recognise that it can be difficult to keep up these high standards through using your own cleaners and that is where our team can come in. We are able to supply you with a comprehensive and professional service for kitchen cleaning Swansea.

We can offer you the best service on the market to get your kitchen back to its fully functional and hygienically clean standard. We can provide your kitchen with a professional clean from top to bottom, taking into account aspects such as extraction systems and extractor fans to ensure that your kitchen will fly through any inspections whilst at the same time reducing the threat of fire in your property.

We have a number of years experience in successfully cleaning the kitchens of commercial businesses such as pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels and are registered by the British Institution of Cleaning Science (BICS) so you can rest assured of a first class service at all times.

Our main aim here at KICS is to improve the overall hygiene standards of your kitchen through removing excessive amounts of fat and grease. Our team of cleaners are certified kitchen cleaners and have been trained so they are knowledgeable in all forms of equipment, resulting in them providing a cleaning service for you to be satisfied with every time.

If you are looking for a professional company to come into your commercial property and give your kitchen a thorough clean then the service we at KICS can provide is just the solution for you. For more information on how our kitchen cleaning Swansea can work for your commercial property feel free to enquire via our online contact form.

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