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The first signs of a fire in your ducting systems would be subtle. At first your guests or customers would continue eating, ignorant of danger. After a time, smoke would of course begin issuing from the available outlets, but by now the damage will have been done; once begun, ducting fires are notoriously difficult to extinguish. Kitchen cleaning Swansea can help reduce the risk of fire so you save money, property and lives. Kenealy Industrial Cleaning Specialists (KiCS) are experts in delivering a surgical cleaning process for commercial kitchens targeting areas at risk of fire.

Because commercial kitchens see such constant use, grease and fat can build up seen or unseen in the ducting systems. This residue is not only extremely unsightly, but can be set alight by the excessive temperatures commonplace in kitchens, without even the need for a spark, 70% of fires in commercial kitchens are the result of this problem.

While it may seem trivial, cleaning is essential. Health and Safety Regulations state that extraction systems should be cleaned at least every year, or else businesses run the risk of invalidating their insurance.

At KiCS we understand that a fire in your kitchen would be a nightmare result for you and your business which in the very best case scenario would still lead to an expensive replacement extraction system and loss of revenue while work on your kitchen takes place. That’s why we clean so thoroughly at such flexible times and provide clients with before and after photographic documentation that can assure them that they’ve made a sound investment.

Amongst the areas we clean are extraction systems, extractor fans, filter systems, ducting and canopies. A clean system will function more effectively, saving you money on repairs and providing a better ventilated area for staff and customers. So remember KiCS for all of your needs in kitchen cleaning Swansea.

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