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As your staff break for lunch and head to the canteen, the last thing you want to have to inform them is that the kitchen is closed due to health and safety reasons. Unfortunately, throughout Swansea there will be a range of industrial premises which cannot serve food to staff for this exact reason. If you don’t want to be in the same situation, then hire the kitchen cleaning services Swansea provided by us here at Kenealy Industrial Cleaning Specialists (KiCS) and see every area of your kitchen shine and sparkle.

At KiCS our professional team will come into your kitchen at a time that is convenient for you and will cause you the least disruption, to ensure that when we leave your kitchen it will look like brand new whilst providing a safe working environment.

Unlike other kitchen cleaning firms, our service focuses primarily on cleaning canopies, ventilation systems and extractor fans. This is because, through our extensive knowledge and experience within the kitchen cleaning industry, we understand that it isn’t just the work surfaces, appliances and floors where dirt can build up and cause issues within an industrial kitchen. It’s also the vents, canopies and extractors which suffer from a build up of dirt, grease and grime.

A faulty, dirty or damaged extractor fan within an industrial kitchen environment can not only increase the risk of a fire occurring, but with air not being able to circulate fully, it can also provide a hazardous working environment with the build up of smoke and fumes.

Our cleaning specialists here at KiCS are all certified kitchen cleaners and specialise in various areas to ensure kitchens throughout Swansea and the rest of Wales meet all health and safety standards, whilst gleaming – even after the busiest of services. So if your kitchen is looking like it’s seen better days, then hire our kitchen cleaning services Swansea and see the transformation happen in no time.

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