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Part of being successful in any business is effectively reducing your overheads and at the same time maximising profits. Whilst it's commonplace for businesses like pubs, hotels and restaurants to streamline services and cut out unnecessary costs, this should never be at the expense of the safety of employees and patrons. That's why it's important that catering establishments continue to invest in kitchen cleaning services Swansea which can help drastically reduce the risk of duct fires. Here at Kenealy Industrial Cleaning Specialists (KICS) we're registered by the British Institution of Cleaning Science (BICS) demonstrating our consistent proficiency in the industry.

We offer a professional cleaning service for catering extractor systems of all kinds. It's a legal requirement that commercial systems like these are cleaned at least once per year, as cooking grease and fat can build up in ducting and catch fire due to intense heat.

KICS endeavour to offer competitive pricing which makes it easy for caterers to fulfil their legal obligation and the moral responsibility towards staff and customers. Not only do we carry out cleaning complete with before and after photos for complete assurance that we've honoured our promises, we can also install ducting access panels designed to make future duct cleaning and maintenance much more straight forward.

These access panels are thoroughly health and safety compliant and can halve the time it takes to clean ducting and its components. As it's recommended that hoods, filters and grease traps are cleaned every seven days, access panels like this can save companies a huge amount of time and money.

Finally, if an establishment neglects to have its system cleaned at least once a year then insurance could be rendered invalid in the event of a fire. Kitchen cleaning services Swansea from a specialist team like ours here at KICS can therefore provide insurance safeguards and lead to reduced premiums.

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