Commercial Kitchen Extraction Filters Swansea

Safety is of extreme importance anywhere, especially so in a commercial setting, where lots of people may share a confined space or area. For these reasons, it is crucial that you have the correct measures in place to prevent and reduce any risk of fire hazards, to ensure maximum safety for all employees and customers within the building. Given its nature, kitchens are particularly prone to the initiation and rapid development of fires, which is why proper ventilation is so vital in such a setting. Extraction filters Swansea are fundamental to the overall function of kitchen extraction systems, which is why it is important to have them regularly cleaned and maintained.

Here at Kenealy Industrial Cleaning Specialists, we offer expert cleaning services to ensure that your extraction systems remain spotless and fully functional, keeping your staff and business safe and under control. Grease and fat can quickly build up in filters, which in turn greatly diminishes the performance of the extraction system. Frequent maintenance will ensure that your filter remains clean, which will also improve the levels of safety within the workplace.

We provide several services to combat the build up of dirt in your extraction filters Swansea. Our kitchen filter hire service will guarantee that your filter remains clean and safe, giving you peace of mind, without you having to worry about maintaining it yourself. We will visit your premises either weekly or fortnightly to collect and replace all dirty filters, which will ensure maximum productivity of extraction systems within your building.

There are many areas across a business where you can save on costs by cutting out less important spends, but safety is definitely not an area which you can afford to cut back in. For essential maintenance and replacement of extraction filters Swansea, trust the experts here at Kenealy Industrial Cleaning Specialists.

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