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Cleaned Extractor Fan

KiCS provide high quality Kitchen Cleaning Services for commercial premises including restaurants, hotels and many more. We provide extensive cleaning of ventilation systems and extraction systems to help prevent the danger of kitchen fires.

It is vital that kitchen extraction systems are regularly cleaned and maintained to help prevent the possibility of fire. If your kitchen extraction and ventilation systems are not cleaned it can affect your insurance policy due to neglect of removing fat and grease which can combust in high temperatures. Filters are one way to combat the build up of fat and grease however they cannot disperse all of the residue so kitchen extraction systems will still need cleaning.

Quick Kitchen Cleaning

With seven days a week coverage we can fit our cleaning expertise around you so we cause as little disruption as possible.

What We Offer

  • Compliance with Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums.
  • Fit duct access panels if needed.
  • Before and after photos.
  • Filter hire and cleaning service.
  • Improved Ventilation for smoke and odour removal.
  • Improved hygiene standards.
  • Certificate supplied after each service.
  • Kitchen Fan Maintenance.
  • Dramatically reduce risk of fire.

Kitchen Cleaning & Maintenance

A build up of Grease and Fat can start a fire without the need of a spark.

"Help Reduce The Risk Of Fire."

Extraction system fires a notoriously difficult and dangerous as fire will spread through the system fast. The fire in extraction systems are extremely hard to put out because they are covered by the ventilation and with simple cleaning a potentially dangerous fire can be stopped.

Access Panel Installation & Induct Maintenance

The risk of fire within extraction systems is a very real one. For the prevention of fire our extraction system cleaning services can be carried out regularly to help keep your kitchen safe. Simple maintenance and servicing of ducting is easily achievable with our specially made extraction panels and hatches. We recommend that extraction systems should be cleaned every 12 months at least and all hoods, filters, traps and any other grease or fat removal devices every 7 days.

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